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Achieving Competitive Advantage: Unleashing the Power of Competition with Our Expert Legal Services


Discover how Al Adl can help you unlock the potential of competition and take your business to the next level. Our UAE-based legal firm specialises in competition law and provides strategic legal advice for businesses looking to succeed in today’s competitive environment. Our experienced lawyers have a deep knowledge of UAE competition regulations and are well-versed in the market dynamics to help clients develop innovative solutions, comply with regulations, and gain a competitive advantage. We understand the importance of competition for businesses to grow and innovate. Whether you need help with antitrust compliance, mergers control, or dealing with unfair competition practises our team is here to provide strategic legal solutions to help you achieve and sustain a competitive advantage.


Competition Law Services in the UAE:


Al Adl provides a wide range of specialist competition law services. Federal Law No (4) of 2012 on the Regulation of Competition aims to protect and promote competition and anti-monopoly practices by providing a stimulating environment for organisations to enhance efficiency, competitiveness and consumer interest and achieve sustainable development in the UAE, while maintaining a competitive market governed by market mechanisms, in accordance with the principle of economic freedom, by prohibiting restrictive agreements, prohibiting the acts and behaviours that lead to the abuse of a dominant position, controlling economic concentration operations, and avoiding anything that would endanger, limit or prevent competition.


Al Adl provides a wide range of specialist competition law services. Our team of lawyers have extensive experience and practical knowledge in competition law, which allows us to tailor solutions to the specific needs of UAE businesses. Here are some of the key areas where Al Adl can help you:


Antitrust compliance: We provide expert advice on anti-competitive practices to ensure your business practices are compliant with competition laws and regulations. Our lawyers carry out compliance audits, devise effective compliance programs and assist in anti-competitive investigations to identify and prevent anti-competitive behaviour.


Merger control: We advise clients on the merger control regulations to help them navigate the complex process. We carry out due diligence, identify potential competition concerns and guide clients through the process of merger filing with relevant competition authorities to ensure successful transactions.


Competition Litigation: In cases of antitrust violations and unfair competition practices, our skilled litigators represent clients in competition-related disputes and litigation. We handle cases involving cartel behaviour, abuse of dominance, misleading advertising, and more. Our lawyers employ strategic advocacy techniques and legal expertise to protect your interests and seek favourable outcomes in competition litigation proceedings.


Anti-competitive Practice: Our team of experienced competition litigators represents clients in competition disputes and litigation in cases of anti-competitive practices, such as collusion, abuse of dominant position, misleading advertising and more. Our lawyers use strategic advocacy techniques as well as legal expertise to ensure your interests are protected and favourable outcomes are achieved in competition litigation cases. Our team conducts market research and prepares analysis reports to assist you in understanding market dynamics, assessing competition, and identifying opportunities or potential risks. We provide insights on market trends, competition behaviour, regulatory developments, and other relevant factors to help you make better business decisions and strategize. 


Competition and Intellectual Property: We assist businesses in balancing competition law with intellectual property (IP) rights. We provide guidance on matters such as: Licensing agreements, Patent pools, Standard-essential patents (SEPs) and Antitrust implications on IP related business practices. We help you strike a balance between intellectual property and competition laws.


Unfair Competition: Our team helps clients address unfair competition practices, including false advertising, trademark infringement, trade secret misappropriation, and other forms of unfair business practices. We provide legal advice, strategic counsel, and representation in unfair competition disputes, helping you protect your market position and reputation.


Why Choose Us?


Specialised Expertise: Our firm's specialisation in competition law positions us as trusted experts in the field. We possess in-depth knowledge of competition regulations in the UAE, allowing us to offer tailored and effective legal solutions.


Strategic Guidance: We go beyond legal compliance by providing comprehensive strategic guidance that helps businesses harness the power of competition and achieve long-term success.


Business-Centric Approach: We understand that competition is not merely about compliance but also about gaining a competitive advantage. Our lawyers take a business-centric approach, aligning legal strategies with your specific goals and market dynamics to maximise your competitive potential.


Proactive Risk Assessment: We conduct thorough risk assessments to identify potential antitrust and unfair competition risks in your business operations. By proactively addressing these risks, we help you avoid legal pitfalls, protect your reputation, and maintain a competitive edge.


Innovative Solutions: Our team offers innovative solutions tailored to your unique business challenges. We leverage our knowledge of competition regulations and industry best practices to develop creative strategies that optimise your market position and drive growth.


Collaborative Partnerships: We believe in fostering collaborative partnerships with our clients. Our lawyers work closely with you, understanding your business intricacies, and providing personalised guidance that addresses your specific needs and concerns.


International Perspective: With a global mindset, we bring an international perspective to our competition law services. Our lawyers stay updated on international competition trends and developments, enabling us to offer insights and strategies that align with global best practices.


Efficient Dispute Resolution: In the event of competition-related disputes, our skilled litigators strive for efficient resolution. We employ negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation strategies to protect your interests and achieve favourable outcomes while minimising disruptions to your business operations.




Al Adl is committed to providing strategic legal guidance in the field of competition law that goes beyond mere compliance. Our specialised expertise, business-centric approach, proactive risk assessment, innovative solutions, collaborative partnerships, and efficient dispute resolution set us apart. We empower businesses in the UAE to embrace competition, gain a competitive advantage, and achieve long-term success. Contact us today to unlock the power of competition with our experienced team of lawyers and take your business to new heights in the dynamic marketplace.

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