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Digital and data law is one of the most important areas of law in the UAE.


As a law firm based in the UAE, we are well-versed in the digital and data landscape and its data privacy laws. Our lawyers provide bespoke solutions to safeguard your digital assets, comply with data privacy laws, and navigate the complexities of data management. Get in touch with us for expert legal advice that addresses your unique digital and data requirements and helps you make the most of the digital age while protecting your interests.


We are one of the leading law firms in the UAE providing expertise in digital and data privacy laws. In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses face a number of issues in the realm of data privacy, cyber security, technology contracts, Intellectual Property (IP), and their compliances. Our team of lawyers specialise in offering comprehensive legal services to assist clients in managing these complex issues.


We understand the unique challenges faced by businesses in the digital era. We provide tailored solutions to protect your digital assets, comply with data privacy rules, and minimise legal risks.


With our extensive knowledge in the laws relating to digital and data privacy, we help clients to make the most of the digital age while simultaneously protecting their interests.


Be it a technology company, e-commerce business or an organisation handling data-driven operations. We are here to provide you with expert legal advice and support.


Digital & Data Legal Services:


Digital and data law is one of the fastest-growing areas of law in the world. Here at Al Adl, our team of lawyers have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field, allowing us to provide customised solutions to meet the specific needs of UAE businesses. Here are some areas where we can help you.


Data Privacy and Protection:


We advise businesses on data privacy and protection legislation, including the UAE’s personal data protection legislation specified in the Federal Decree Law No. 45 of 2021 regarding the Protection of Personal Data. We further advise clients on matters relating to privacy frameworks, privacy impact assessments, data breach notification obligations, international data transfer obligations and their industry compliance standards.


Cybersecurity and Incident Response: 


We help businesses create effective cybersecurity plans and incident response measures to reduce the risks of cyber attacks. To facilitate such protection against cybercrimes, the Federal Decree Law No. 34 of 2021 on Combatting Rumours and Cybercrimes provides a comprehensive legal framework to address the concerns relating to the misuse and abuse of online technologies. Additionally, the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) implements the Internet Access Management (IAM) policy in the UAE, in coordination with the licensed internet service providers in the UAE. Under this policy, online content that is used for impersonation, fraud and phishing and/or invades privacy can be reported to be taken down. With the help of this legislation, our lawyers help identify vulnerabilities, create cybersecurity policies and processes, negotiate cybersecurity contracts and advise on incident response measures and breach notification requirements. We work alongside you to protect digital assets, protect sensitive information and reduce the impact of cybercrime incidents.


Technology Contracts and Licensing:


Whether you have a software development agreement, a technology transfer agreement, a cloud services agreement, or a software licensing agreement, we provide expert advice on technology contracts and licence agreements. We make sure your technology contract protects your interests, clarifies rights and responsibilities, and addresses issues such as intellectual property, warranty, liability and dispute resolution.


Intellectual Property in the Digital Space:


We help companies protect and manage their IP assets in the digital world. Our IP lawyers advise on trademark registration & enforcement, copyright law, trade secret law, domain name law, digital content law, and more. We work with you to develop strategies to protect your IP assets and avoid digital infringement.


E-commerce and Consumer Protection:


As e-commerce continues to grow, it’s important for businesses to ensure they’re compliant with consumer protection legislations. Whether you’re dealing with an e-commerce legal framework, e-commerce terms and conditions, e-commerce privacy policies, e-commerce consumer rights, e-commerce electronic contracting, or dispute resolution mechanisms, we’re here to help you navigate e-commerce legal complexities and build consumer trust while maximising your online business opportunities. Similarly, in order to facilitate consumer protection, The Federal Law No. 15 of 2020 on Consumer Protection protects all consumer rights, including the data of the consumers and prohibits suppliers from using it for marketing.


Regulatory Compliance:


We help companies navigate the ever-evolving digital environment by helping them understand and adhere to the relevant laws, regulations and industry standards.


Comprehensive Legal Audits:


We conduct comprehensive legal audits to ensure your business is compliant with digital and data privacy related legislation. We look at your existing policies, processes and contracts to identify areas of compliance or non-compliance. With our in-depth analysis, you can be rest assured that your business is operating within the legal system, reducing the risk of fines or litigations.

Tailored Compliance Programs: 


We create bespoke compliance programmes that are tailored to your business’ requirements for digital and data management. Our team develops robust policies and processes that are in line with industry standards and regulatory conditions.



Data Transfer and Cross-Border Compliance: 


We provide our clients with advice on data transfer arrangements and help you understand the intricacies of international data transfers. Our lawyers make sure international data transfer rules, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), are followed by our clients through methods such as putting in place safeguards, such as contractual clauses or mandatory guidelines to be followed by corporate organizations.


GDPR Compliance: 


If your company operates in the European Union (EU) or processes personal data of EU citizens, we provide comprehensive GDPR compliance support. Our team helps with data mapping, data subject consent management, breach notification and data protection officer (DPO) appointments.


Third-Party Risk Management: 


We help you manage third party service provider risks and vendor risks. Our lawyers look at contracts and agreements and make sure there are proper data protection and data security measures in place. We also help you understand and reduce risks from outsourcing agreements or partnerships.


Regulatory Updates and Monitoring: 


We keep you updated on the latest digital and data regulatory developments. Our team keeps you informed of changes that could affect your business. We keep an eye on legislative updates, guidance, and industry trends, so we can provide timely guidance on how to adjust and meet new regulatory requirements.


Why Choose Al Adl ?


Expertise in Digital and Data Law: Our firm specialises in digital and data law, with a deep understanding of the legal complexities in this evolving landscape. We stay ahead of regulatory developments and industry trends to provide you with the most up-to-date and effective legal solutions.


Practical and Solutions-Oriented Approach: We focus on delivering practical and tailored solutions that address your specific digital and data-related challenges. Our team takes a proactive approach to identify and mitigate risks, ensuring compliance while supporting your business objectives.


Collaborative Partnership:


We believe in building strong partnerships with our clients, working closely with you to understand your unique business needs and goals. Our lawyers are committed to providing personalised attention and responsive communication throughout our engagement.


Industry Experience: 


Our lawyers have extensive experience working with businesses across various industries, including technology, e-commerce, finance, and healthcare. This industry knowledge allows us to provide insights and solutions that are relevant to your specific sector.


Client Satisfaction: 


We prioritise client satisfaction and strive to exceed your expectations. Our track record of success and positive client feedback speaks to our commitment to delivering high-quality legal services in the digital and data domain.




At Al Adl, we understand the critical importance of regulatory compliance in the digital era. Our expertise in digital and data law, tailored compliance programs, knowledge of international regulations, and practical approach set us apart as a trusted legal partner. We are dedicated to helping businesses understand and navigate the complexities of the evolving digital landscape, ensuring legal compliance, mitigating risks, and protecting your valuable digital assets.


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